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Numerous historical documents put Stelvio’s origins in the XIII Century. In fact, it has been proven that the cheese was already embedded in the diets of local people at this time. Land records also show that the cheese was used in commerce, to pay tools to land owners, which confirms the importance of it’s production. However, the use of the name ‘Stelvio’ or ‘Stilfser’ for this cheese has only been seen in a few documents of the cheese factory in Stilfs (near the Stelvio saddle) at the beginning of the XX century.
The production area of Stelvio PDO is in the districts of the province of Bolzano in South Tyrol (Italy). Stelvio PDO is a cheese made from cow’s milk.


How it is made: the milk, which can be slightly skimmed, should be sent to cheese production up to 48 hours after milking, inoculated with cultures and – after 50 or 60 minutes – added veal rennet. The curd, after 20-27 minutes of coagulation, is then cut to obtain grains of dough the size of sweet corn kernels. The mixture is then agitated to separate whey from the cheese mass and then heated up. The cheese is then put in cylindrical molds and pressed. The subsequent seasoning comes from the brine. Wooden tables are used for the maturing process: during this phase, the cheeses are turned and cleaned about twice a week with salt solution.
Look and taste: Stelvio PDO comes in a cylindrical shape with smooth or nearly smooth sides; the base is flat or concave. The weight is between 8 to 10 kg and the rind has typically yellow orange or orange – brown shades. The dough is compact, soft and elastic with a strong and spicy flavor and an intense, forthright taste.


Stelvio PDO must be conserved in it’s original packaging in closed plastic or glass containers. It should be put in the least cool section of the fridge. This cheese is best enjoyed melted over polenta, in particular the less refined varieties that are traditional in the mountains. It’s also an excellent accompaniment for typical dishes of the South Tyrol region, from cereal-based soups to cuts of cheese or ham. Attached is our location and address.


Veal parcels with Stelvio cheese
Ingredients: (serves 4)
• 4 veal escalops (fillet or sirloin)
• Salt
• Freshly ground pepper
• 4 slices of prosciutto crudo
• 100 grams of Stelvio Mila cheese
• 4 sage leaves
• Flour to dust the parcels
• Oil for frying
• 1 spoon of butter
• 100 ml of white wine
• 200ml tomato sauce
• Olives to garnish
• Sage to garnish
• Rosemary stems to garnish

1. Beat with a steak hammer the escalops.
Lightly pepper them and add a slice of prosciutto on top.
2. Cut the cheese in strips, placing them with a sage leave on top of the scallops.
3. Leave some room on the right and left margins of the escalops. Fold down the sides of the longest part of the scallops, making sure that the filling will not spill out when it melts. Roll the escalops, starting from the shortest side. Hold the parcels together with tooth picks.
4. Flour the parcels, then shake off the excess flour.