On the 11th February 2013, the regulation plan for Asiago pdo offer for the period 2014-2016 has officially entered in force. The regulation of the offer will be able to ensure a better balance between supply and demand, allowing a reasonable growth in relation to the market’s ability to absorb the product.

The plan, which conforms to the so-called milk package, provides, for the year 2014, the production of over 1.400.000 forms of Asiago fresco and 268.000 Asiago stagionato, quantity indicated as optimal production level by the consortium and based on the equilibrium point aggregate.
A choice that will be based on quality. In fact, thanks to the greater qualitative stability and the opportunity to plan well in advance of the activity within the company, the plan will pursue continuous improvement, further raising the “quality bar”, to the benefit of the overall image of the product and consumer safety